The story

About us

Inspired by New York. Made in Glasgow.

Healthy. Tasty. Casual. Roll with it at Temaki Glasgow.

Far East meets Mexican as we bring our street food to Glasgow's city centre.

Prepare to have a new CRUSH. Sushi Burritos are our thing. Hell, it's ONE serious food crush we have and believe us when we say that you won't taste anything like these elsewhere, anywhere. It's all your taste buds ever wanted.

Seriously good and seriously healthy; made the way you like it. Hot or Cold. Sweet or Savoury. With Meat, Fish or Veg. Choose your filling, stack it high and watch it being hand rolled with avocado and our signature pink rice.

We Care...

At Temaki, we care about insanely good, mouth drooling, world-inspired street food. Step inside our restaurant and watch our chefs prepare innovative dishes with passion and energy from our exposed open kitchen, right in the heart of Glasgow on Hope Street. Sit and enjoy the art of incredible sushi, warming broths, flavoursome ramens or our signature sushi burritos on distressed comfy tables. Dishes are inspired by street food in New York but made in Glasgow using locally-sourced ingredients. All our hot or cold dishes are available to sit in or takeaway.

It's All In A Name...

Temaki translates as a ‘hand roll; a single large, cone-shaped piece of seaweed on the outside, with a variety of ingredients spilling out of the inside.

A Sushi Burrito is part sushi, part burrito (drool) - a MASSIVE version of a Temaki, filled with your choice of filling, avocado and our pink rice.

Healthy. Fast. Tasty. Casual.
Welcome to Temaki Glasgow.